Morning Glory Christian Academy
Our Story
Our History

    Morning Glory Christian Academy exists as the educational branch of NIMA’s mission in San Raymundo, Guatemala under the directors Queno and Lori Nij.  Queno is the pastor of a local church and Lori is the director of the school.

    Queno and Lori moved to Guatemala permanently in 1985.  After working with a local church for years, Lori began Morning Glory Christian Academy in 2001.  Originally the school was a two-room campus with 90 students.  In 2014, Morning Glory educated over 580 kids with a staff of 35 employees.  

    Recently, Morning Glory has partnered with Casas por Cristo to establish and even more holistic ministry to the people of Guatemala. We hope you will consider partnering with us as we seek to further the Kingdom of God to “the least of these.”

Morning Glory seeks to educate the community through relationship to cultivate Biblical Integrity, responsibility, and confidence in their lives and actions.
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Our Core Values

   Relationship: The most effective teaching is relational.  Morning Glory leadership is committed to modeling Christian principles so that everyone may see our example and honor God because of our actions and behavior in the community.  It is essential to this ministry that the faculty and staff have a relationship with the director, that the students have a relationship with teachers of integrity, that the locals have a relationship with foreign visitors and volunteers, and that our students and staff maintain a presence in the community.  Just as Christ took on flesh to live with his people, any Kingdom worker must come alongside people to minister to them effectively.

Biblical Integrity-  We believe that God’s Word “is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (1 Tim 3:16) for all people of all cultures. Morning Glory uses the Bible as its guide to determine what is correct and desirable in the lives of our students.  We teach and expect our students to respect the Bible and its principles as God’s unchanging will for their lives.  Biblical education also helps us to be objective as we train young people to make decisions that honor God and help them fulfill their role in the Kingdom.  

Responsibility-  Morning Glory believes that personal responsibility is the key to growth and maturity into completion of an individual’s potential.  Often, one of the side effects of poverty is a “victim mentality” that blames others for current circumstances. People with this mentality frequently seek for others to give them the resources they feel they deserve in order to better their situation.  Morning Glory teaches its students that they are responsible for achieving what they want in life and becoming who they want to be, despite whatever circumstance they were born into.  Hard work, perseverance, and initiative are all aspects of the personal responsibility that is vital for success in any situation. 

Confidence- Poverty also causes hopelessness and apathy.  Very often, impoverished families can not see the value of their life or the opportunities they have because of their talents and abilities.  Morning Glory seeks to provide activities that allow children to explore their God-given gifts and refine their skills, teaching them that their circumstances do not define them.  As a result, the children believe in themselves and are equipped to seek out their own future free of labels and self-doubt.

Excellence-  We believe that the Bible commands Christ-followers to pursue excellence in all they do (Col 3:23, 2 Cor 2:8, Ecc 9:10).  Morning Glory encourages the students and community at large to do the best job they can in all their endeavors.  Whether in academics, extra-curricular activities, or inter-personal relationships we spur our students on to achieve the highest level of excellence they can.
Our Vision:
Morning Glory exists to be the hands, feet, and heart of Christ in order to encourage and equip Christ-followers through example and service. We believe that “as a man thinks in his heart, so he is” (Prov 23:7 NASB). Morning Glory wants to be the catalyst for life change as people become self-determining, understanding that they are not defined by their circumstance–they are defined by their relationship with a living and active God.