Child Sponsorship
Child Sponsorship at Morning Glory is a great way to connect with a student, build a relationship, and contribute to the school as a whole.

Q- How much is sponsorship?
There are 2 levels of sponsorship.  $35/ month covers the cost to educate one child at Morning Glory.  

The second level is $45/month, and contributes to the cost  textbooks for the family.

Q- What are the benefits of sponsorship?
Child sponsorship allows you the opportunity to build a relationship with a child.  Through email, and the occasional hand-written letter, you can send messages, pictures, and even videos to your sponsored child.  

You will also receive a yearly update of your child.

Q- How can I contact my child?
Simply email Rob Courtney at  He will deliver your translated message to your child and help them to respond. 

Q- How can I sign-up?
Contact Mary beeks at to start sponsoring a child

Q- How can I pay?
There are three main ways to pay.  See our information page for details.  Many banks also offer the ability to contribute monthly automatically.mailto:mr.rob08@hotmail.commailto:mr.rob08@hotmail.comSponsor_a_Child_files/preliminary%20info.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2

Download the sponsorship info sponsor guide.pdf

Here are some children available for sponsorship